You must read this before joining the AWC community.

Please note: in the sign-up process, we ask that you share a social media link with us, eg; your Facebook, Twitter, Blog profile. This is so that we can do a simple security check. If you do not provide this link, or if the link you provide is not complete, we cannot approve your membership. If you do not have a social media link, please contact hello(at)autisticwomenscollective(dot)com to have your membership approved.

We understand this sign-up security check can be a slight inconvenience, but please know it is to ensure the privacy and safety of you and your fellow AWC members.

By becoming a member of the AWC, you hereby agree to the following community rules. Failure to do so could result in the deletion of posts, threads, and in severe cases, deletion of membership.


Please know that the Autistic Women’s Collective is only open to Autistic females. By Autistic, we mean 'on the Autism spectrum,' including Aspergers and other Autism Spectrum Conditions. However, the AWC is also open to Neurotypical {non-Autistic} mothers of young Autistic daughters.

The AWC forums, blogs, member profiles and groups are for females only.

This is so that Autistic women can feel safe in sharing things about themselves and their lives that they may not feel comfortable sharing elsewhere, and also to encourage the bonds of sisterhood to form and thrive.

This is not about creating a gender divide, it’s about creating a space for women to gather and find support from other women. There’s a very real lack of resources and support for women on the spectrum, so we feel a space solely dedicated to females is not just beneficial, but essential.

To any Autistic men looking for a community, we recommend WrongPlanet. There are also many Facebook groups you can join.


It is of utmost importance that the AWC community be supportive of each other. We value acceptance, equality, honesty and understanding.

Obviously, even though we are all women on the spectrum, we are all very different. We will have different beliefs, opinions, parenting styles and lifestyles. We won’t always agree on certain topics, including topics relating to Autism. We ask that even if you may not agree with someone, you still respect their right to have their own opinion and way of life.

If you see something that seriously offends you, please refrain from fighting back and instead contact a moderator or administrator, who will then handle the situation.


Offensive language, content or images will not be tolerated.

This includes violent, racist, homophobic or pornographic language, videos or images. Any content posted with the purpose or intent of offending or harming others is not allowed.

Remember that many of us are highly sensitive people, so it’s important to treat each other with kindness and compassion.


Any form of harassment, bullying or personal attacks is absolutely prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Keep in mind that insulting or attacking someone shows people who you are, not who they are. Treat your fellow AWC members as you would like to be treated.

There is always room for discussion and debate on topics. Differing opinions are welcome and encouraged, but please only share in a respectful manner.

If you feel you or someone you know is being attacked or bullied in the community, please report it to an administrator immediately.


Repetitive or duplicate posts, such as those sharing a product, promotion or affiliate link, are not allowed and will be deleted.

It’s fine to share your work {art, blog, business, etc} in the allocated threads {to be added at a later date}. But we highly recommend you participate in other discussions and get to know the community before sharing anything promotional.


While the AWC takes the security and privacy of its members very seriously, please be aware and mindful of the information you choose to share on your profile, in blog posts, and in the discussion forum and groups.

If you wish to remain anonymous in the forums by using a nickname, that’s fine. Be aware that it’s almost impossible to have complete privacy on the internet. You are responsible for the information you share.

We recommend you do not share your home address, phone number, bank details, or any other information online. If you choose to share any of this information, understand that you are doing so at your own risk, and we {the AWC founders, administrators and moderators} are not responsible for the information you choose to share openly.

Be aware of any information, content, video and photos you share. While forums and groups can only be viewed by fellow members, keep in mind that membership is free for anyone to join. We do our absolute best to screen and approve new members, but we cannot guarantee that all members come with the best of intentions.

If you feel your information is being misused by another member, inform an administrator or moderator immediately.


Administrators reserve the right to delete posts, threads and members.
Administrators reserve the right to refuse membership.
Administrators reserve the right to edit or change theses rules without notice.

Legal Disclaimer:

We’ve taken every effort to ensure we accurately represent the AWC, our community, forums, groups and their potential. The AWC site, forums, blogs and groups are designed for Autistic women and mothers of Autistic daughters to discuss issues, find support, make friends and learn from others, as well as share experiences related to Autism. All content within the forum reflects the views of individual participants only and do not necessarily represent the views held by the AWC, its founders, administrators or moderators. The AWC, its founders, administrators and moderators have taken all reasonable care in creating and presenting all content, however, we do not accept responsibility for any loss, expense or liability that you may incur from using or relying on the information sourced from this website, its forums, groups, blogs and social media. Please know that you are responsible for your own choices, actions and results in everything you do.

And lastly...

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